Monday, August 15, 2011

how he loves us

On Sunday Morning, they shared a slideshow of photos from youth camp with this song playing in the background.  I got the chills during the chorus.  Although I like the David Crowder Band arrangement better...I share this one here.  A friend posted this particular video on facebook today.  I listened to it a couple of times and then I sat down to actually watch the video.  Right there in the middle popped up John 15:5...Abide in Me. 

How he loves us!

This song has been playing on a continual loop this morning around here and was flowing out of me when we were walking around Costco and Target.

Enjoy!  May it be stuck in your head all day too.


Tarissa said...

I wake up to this song (the David Crowder version) every morning! They are pretty wonderful words to wake up to... :)

AuntieBee said...

We have sang this in church farely recently! This is one of my favorite songs. Nothing more precious and wonderful to know than how HE loves us!! We are blessed beyond reason! Thank you Jesus, Abba, Father!!