Friday, August 5, 2011

random gifts

Last night during "witching hour", I took the kids to the library to pass the time before dinner.  My Love is traveling and the days are long for us all.  The first book I saw opened up on display in the children's section was...
 On our walk today, I saw this tall flower reaching over the six foot fence from a back yard.
 The trees on the side of our driveway are alive and thriving and bearing "fruit".
 I lost my breath when I saw the front door window reflecting light onto the stairs after reading Psalm 119:105 earlier this morning.  It is a passage in my One Year Bible meant for May 29th...we are slow to catch up.
 I love this tree in our neighborhood.  It reminds me what God is doing in my life.  There were years of life cut down close to the root and a whole new tree sprung from it's heart (note: this is not our house).
What were the random gifts God gave you today by his grace?  They are there.  Do you see them?

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Kim B said...

Oh MY and WOW! friend, THIS REALLY BLESSED ME .. Thank you! You really Bless me. Thank you, thank you! and Thanks be to God for your transparency with Him, In Him and with us ;) He knows what He is up to when He brings His children together. Thank you for loving me so.. Thank you for sharing God's love, joy and heart with me so richly. I am Praying for you, you Love and those 2 little bundles that am so truly falling soooooooo in love with! I love you all loads .. God is teaching me so, so, soooooo much through your lives and who He has made you to be! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with me/us and Thanks for sharing you lives with me and sharing in mine with all sincerity and truth. May we continue to look to HIM, seek His face first and in all things and may He continue to teach us how to better Trust.. HIM. For His Glory, we pray. love you, k