Sunday, September 29, 2013

my son was reborn

What an amazing day!  

It started like most Sunday mornings.  I got up a little early to shower before breakfast and then somehow still had a hard time getting out the door on time.

On this particular Sunday morning though, the children sat in the service with us.  It is part of what they call their 5th Sunday Celebration.  During every month that has a fifth Sunday, they offer a baptism at the end of the service and then the whole church stays for a potluck lunch.  

Since we had plans with other friends to go apple picking after church, we just went home for lunch.  My Love grilled steak and we ate outside on the patio in the beautiful sunshine of this crisp fall day.

During the meal, My Love and I started talking about baptism with Brother.  Asking him if he knew what it meant and why they chose to do it.  He seemed to have a general idea based on his last experience with 5th Sunday.

him: But when can I get baptized?
me: Well first you have to accept Jesus into your heart.
him: I want to do that.
me: You do!?
him: Yeah.
me:  You have to believe that Jesus is God.
him: I do.
me: And that he suffered and died so your sins might be forgiven.
him: I do.

I know I said other stuff too that he understood and agreed with but the rest seems like a blur.  Brother went on to confirm his personal faith in Christ and then prayed his own sweet two sentence prayer out loud to invite God to be the Savior and Lord of his life.  I can't remember the exact words that he said (I wanted them to be his own) but that is probably for the best because really it was straight from his heart to God's ears.  The decision was all his own and he initiated the invitation.

Afterward I cheered and told him how angels were singing in heaven today.  That this was the most important decision he would ever make in his life.  Then I told him that God lives in his heart now.  With big eyes he asked, "You mean my heart is his home?"  It was really precious.  Suddenly everything seemed to click in his head.

We went on with our day out with friends and I shared the news with them.  They responded with such excitement for our boy.  Once back home that evening, Brother boldly told the news to two boys on our street that he was outside playing with about his "special day". 

Oh the joy of seeing your child make a decision to follow Christ. 

Tonight as My Love and I tucked him into bed, we told Brother how he wasn't just our son anymore.  He was also our brother.  "Can I call you sis?" he asked.

Oh how amazing it will be to move forward discipling this little boy in God's word.  Lord thank you for choosing him to be yours.  Speak to his heart at a young age so he might follow closely after you all the days of his life.  Thank you for the gift of being present for this amazing day.  September 29, 2013.  

Happy Re-Birth Day Brother.  Today was the day you started a new life in Christ.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

one is coming

It seems like I should probably post something.  I mean, there has been a lot going on but somehow none of it feels like worthy of writing down when so much time as passed.  The truth is we are all a work in progress and yet sometimes we just want to skip to the end.  Let's make a (one-sided) deal though.  I'll get through the busyness of this coming weekend and then we'll meet back here sometime next week for a thorough update.  It is date.