Saturday, August 20, 2011

more sheep

We went to a yard sale in our neighborhood this morning.  Several families from our church were there working the sale since it was a fundraiser to offset adoption expenses. 

I knelt down next to a few boxes of books and chatted with friends and acquaintances as I flipped through the titles.  My Love and Babydoll were up inside the house and Bundle Brother was doing some serious shopping on the front lawn.  I pulled out this beautiful book and Brother's Sunday School teacher stepped over to talk to me.

 "Let me tell you something about this book," she said.  "My Mom knows the illustrator and they modeled the woman in the story after her."  It was so random because she didn't even bring that book to the sale.  The pictures were gorgeous and the content was, well, perfect so I brought it home.  After nap I sat down with our boy to read him the book and saw this explanation about the illustrator in the back cover.
That is right, people.  It just so happens he also illustrated a book called Psalm 23.

I had to bring this book home too when I
 saw it hiding in the stack.

The Lord is my Shepherd.  Jehovah-raah!

We brought home some other treasures as well.  I thought this one was appropriate for the me as we start the next chapter...