Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Life is chugging along here.  I choose not to start counting down the days that we have left in this house.  It would be too painful.  We still haven't told our direct neighbors that we are moving.  I am sure the right time will present itself soon.  But like I told my friend yesterday, it is not like God is transplanting us to Kansas.  We are relocating an hour south.  No biggie.  In fact, we fully intend to maintain our attendance and involvement at our church until the Lord directs us otherwise (which He very well could do).  God has been faithful to allow two close friends at separate times to reiterate that it is not like we are moving that far away.  They don't know how much I needed to hear that from them.

In the meantime, God continues to mold me.  This self-proclaimed "terrible housekeeper" is finding myself maintaining the place a little better.  I guess when you have someone else living with you it becomes an appropriate amount of motivation to keep common areas tidier.  With a low level of stress like I have ever known on the subject, I am doing better about keeping the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors cleaner on a daily basis.  God can use anything, people.

The paperwork is underway for the house buying process.  Everything seems to be electronic these days so it makes it nice to read and digitally sign at our own convenience.  My Love will be doing a walk-through at the framed house next week before they start sheet rocking.  This is really happening.

For now, we just continue to live our lives as usual.  My Love is out of town for work travel, but the kids and I are planning play dates and friends for dinner and farm fun at the visitor center like any other week.  I will say though that I am soaking up all the beautiful trees in our neighborhood a little more knowing it might be awhile before trees get tall enough to enjoy at our new home.  But I guess having any reason to say thankful to God for the gift of his creation is good.

God is good. 

Have I mentioned we have still not received our entitled tax return?  The whole thing has become funny to me (not so much to my Love).  Because of a glitch in a certain kind of credit we are authorized for, many are in the same boat as us.  We did however receive correspondence yesterday stating that the projected August date for when we should receive our money has now been pushed back to October (just after our closing date).  God knows what he is doing.  He is safely protecting those funds so we will get them returned at the right time.

And other than the retirement investments that we lost this week in the stock market, we are probably the only ones who are thankful for the recent dip.  It allowed us to lock in a low interest rate on our home and we are thankful that what we thought would be mortgage payments at the top of/above our budget, God has fixed to be RIGHT where we had hoped they would land.  Seriously there is NO reason to ever be anxious, people.  He is sovereign over every minute of our lives.

Time to get back to tidying this morning.  I am actually learning to enjoy it.


Chanel said...

What a crazy time for you guys right now! So many opportunities to experience God's peace and providence. Truly a sweet time. Praying for you guys during this transition time!!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that when we allow God to clean up our spirital lives, He allows us to have the desier to clean up our physical lives.

How many times have I tried to "busy" myself to keep from listening to Him and get nothing accomplishe. But when I do listen to him, obey him and focus on his will, it takes me no time to do my "spring cleaning" at home and that's even with the kids helping!!

I love how He is so faithful to us,patient and loving with us.

Happy for you and all that has been happening for you! Loving you so much every day.

Chanel said...

wow, i think i need to proof read more often. how many times can i use the word 'time' ? i think it might have had something to do with that fact that i had to stop and start like seven different times just leaving that comment :)

Persicke Family said...

LOVE to hear of God's faithfulness in the "little things" HE is SO good!