Wednesday, August 3, 2011

given up gladly

The home-buying process is officially underway.  My Love and I have allowed ourselves to dream a little about the floor plan and how we plan to use the space.  Before now we were perhaps a little guarded about not knowing what would happen.  But I think my Love said it perfectly yesterday.  "When you see something as a complete gift from the Lord to be used for his purpose, it doesn't really feel like yours at all.  It will be easier to part with in his timing if we have to move in a few years because it was always His in the first place."  That is exactly how I feel too.  That being said, we feel so strongly about the calling we have in this next chapter that there have been discussions about how it will in fact influence the future of my Love's career (which we have been praying about for six months now).  "Is a house something to stay here for?" he asks rhetorically.  Time will tell.

I hope to get a moment to share more about what all this means for us.  For you and others.  Bundle Boy thinks it is fun to wake up before 6am these days and my mind is still foggy.  My Love is starting a stretch of traveling for work, so hopefully when the time is right, I will get a clear-minded minute to be more specific about the journey ahead of us.  I want to be able to remember this whole process.  It is after 7am now and Babydoll is stirring.  Time to go for now.  But as usual, God used my devotional journal to speak to me this morning.  May God bless your day as you live for him.

"The little things you planned to do, given up gladly at My suggestion, the little services joyfully  rendered.  See Me in all and then it will be an easy task." -Give Every Moment by Two Listeners in God Calling

Lord, help me see you in all and not get consumed by my plans, my services.  It is yours.  Do with it what you will.  We surrender it to you joyfully.

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amanda said...

It is so amazing to see how the Lord is blessing you and your family for your faithfulness to Him. I read your post before this one and could feel a whole range of emotions that you are probably feeling...laughter, tears..all the good ones.
Your family is a blessing to those around them and God is so faithful to provide and bless those who love Him faithfully.
So excited for you!