Saturday, August 20, 2011

to focus our prayers

What a week!

I am not sure my Love has ever been pulled in so many directions at one time.  The days moved slowly and the kids went mad.  My Love facilitated a conference this week for his career field that required some LONG days.  He left before the kids woke up and got home after they went to bed every evening except Thursday.  One night he came stumbling in after 16 hours away from home.  At the end of some grueling days he even trekked down to our new house twice to do some electrical work just to sit in traffic on the way back up north toward home.  There was an early morning (6:30am...did I mention we still live over an hour away?) pre-drywall walk through and a lengthy 5pm phone call with our loan officer mapping out all that needs to be done before closing.  My Love is such a hard worker and I appreciate him so much.  I know he was exhausted and he was missing us like crazy.

It was rough for us too though.  Babydoll was moping around the house for the first two days asking for Daddy and would cry at bedtime when she realized she would have to go to sleep again without seeing him all day.  Bundle Boy was in rare form too.  Being consistent with behavioral issues can be trying on me without help.

But at last, it is the weekend.  No big plans around here but taking care of some business and spending time as a family.

This week was not in vain though.  Do you ever get the feeling that some experiences in life are just so you can know how to pray for other people more specifically?

We have been praying diligently for two friends whose husbands are away for long periods of time for work.  This week encouraged me to know how to pray for them even more specifically.  When we aren't walking in their shoes (or haven't for a long time), I am grateful for every opportunity to better understand their needs.  Their husbands don't return to life at home as usual after just a long week.  Their needs are ongoing.  Mentally and physically tired Mama, cranky kids missing Daddy, stretched husband who longs to be with family, etc. 

If the only reasons we went through this past week were so I could better appreciate how hard my husband works and to focus prayers for friends more specifically then Amen! 

There are times though when the burden of prayers I have for others are beyond my own experiences but others come to mind who have had them.  So I pass on names and requests.  "JH, you don't know them but you have been there.  Can you pray for them on this long road that you intimately understand?"... "TG, their hearts are heavy.  You may never meet them, but you know what they are experiencing.  Can you pray for them even just once?"  

Yes, the body of Christ is a powerful thing.  We can encourage and support and lift each other up in prayer.  Even those we may never know.  We can focus our prayers for others based on our own experiences and can ask others to do the same.  So J, C, and M...we are praying for you.  The best way we know how.  Specifically and corporately.

So if at one time you were a stubborn sheep who had trouble following your Shepherd and surrendering to his voice, pray for me...specifically.  And if not you, ask someone else who has.  I need it.  It might actually be better if they don't know me...


Chanel said...

The words 'eternal perspective' come to mind.
You're such a beautiful friend and I'm so thankful to be your sister. Love you.
Praying you have a restful and peaceful weekend.

amanda said...

We have been praying for you and your family as you walk this new journey that God has for you all.
The Lord will always guide your path!

AuntieBee said...

You are such a blessing to many lives both near and far from you! I, too, am blessed to be your sister! Reading this post brought me to tears. You don't know how much your thoughtfulness, care and concern means so much. Knowing that you spread prayer of those whom we do not know because they way heavy on your heart. Your compassion goes deep within your heart! I love you so much sister. Prayers are always headed to you!