Monday, March 19, 2012

home study

UPDATE: Babydoll has been throwing up and having diarrhea this morning.  Poor thing doesn't even cry when she pukes.  She is so like her mother though.  After it came out she announced she was "all better now" and was ready to get back to playing., child.  Go to sleep while I go clean the vomit off my newly vacuumed stairs.  Thankfully when I called, the woman at Social Services was very understanding.  The home study has been rescheduled for March 27th at 11am.  It has been awhile since I have had a completely clean house for no reason at all.  Off to snuggle my Bundle Boy while he watches Larry Boy for the 50th time. :)

Today is our home study for foster care.  The woman coming to our house has been teaching our classes all this time so we are looking forward to having a little one-on-one time with her (My Love may or may not be here).  

She is due to come at 1pm EST.  Hopefully she can meet the kids, check our their bedrooms, and then I can put them down for a nap (easily and quickly) for the rest of the visit.

The purpose of the visit is for them to check out our home (for safety and to see where the child will be sleeping) and ask us some questions.  I'm not expecting it to be too invasive but it is still one more step in the process.  We appreciate your prayers today.

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