Thursday, March 8, 2012

our family anthem for 2012

I was going back to label some of my old posts and found this one I never published.  It came at a time in early January when I was sharing other important song-videos and didn't want to have it get lost in the shuffle.  I guess it is time to take a listen to the anthem I thought our family should follow into 2012.  This one is for me.

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Mom RS said...

**sniff** It doesn't get any better than this Honey. To know your calling. I picture angels rejoicing over your home and it shining like a bright light in your neighborhood!
I've been teaching Bible verses to my preschool children. Picture this: a little boy playing with blocks singing, to the tune "Where is Thumbkin", "The Lord is my helper I will not fear, will not fear, will not fear. The Lord is my helper I will not fear, Hebrews 13:6." The Bible starts that verse with "And they say with confidence..." Yep. It doesn't get any better... :)