Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have been feeling a funny kind of discontent lately.  When I tried to explain it to My Love, he said he had been feeling the same way.  There was a time when I thought "Wow, things are really calm right now.  Life is about to get messy.  Do I really want to sign up for that?"

But something has happened since then.  God is whispering gently.  He is giving me/us a desire for whatever he has planned for us.  Suddenly life as we know it doesn't feel calm at all.  It feels like something is missing.  Or perhaps someone.  Any fears seem to be fading away and anxious anticipation for something sweeter is filling our hearts.  Something sweeter than calm.  Perhaps pure joy!

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Chelsea said...

God places that emptiness that only He can fill. Sometimes it is just with His presence, other times it is with what He has planned for us. So much is coming your way and that perfect peace is from Him!