Monday, March 5, 2012

break open the skies

I could dance around my family room singing this song all day long if I didn't have other things to do.

God has been busy repeating himself again.  This time I keep hearing that "there is power in His name".  The name of Jesus is powerful.  I chew on that often.

The song I shared above is one of my favorites right now.  I especially like the chorus.  It helps that I am a visual person. 

And He'll break open the skies 
to save Those who cry out His name  
The one the wind and waves obey  
Is strong enough to save you

Don't you just love that imagery?  Breaking up the sky for me.  A name that the wind and waves obey.  Beautiful. 

Off to dig up a hymn that comes to mind at this moment.  Enjoy the song.

note: Did you see the "lift up your head" reference there near the end of the song?  God is cool like that.


Chelsea said...

The one thing that always calmed my kid night TERRORS was to sing Jesus Loves Me. It would instantly calm them and they would fall back to sleep.

(I think I've shared that with you before).

There is indeed power in His name!

AuntieBee said...

Love this song! It's hard not to dance to it, especially when singing praise to our God! Thanks for sharing this song. Definately praise to Him is always worth hearing time and time again!!