Thursday, March 29, 2012

home study: take three

It went perfect.  The kids had fun giving her a tour of the house and surprisingly didn't completely scare her off.  There were a few questions asked and answered in both directions.  My Love and I were able to share our hearts about the experience as well.  I feel confident that she understands our desires for this process and will keep us in mind when the perfect placement comes available.  We told her that we will be able to welcome a child as soon as May 7th.  It will be here before we know it.  We are so excited and peaceful about the journey ahead of us.  Thank you for your prayers.

Our home study visit is scheduled to be at 11am on Friday.  We are so thankful that My Love had already planned on being home at that time.  It should be a mostly painless experience.  There will be a simple inspection of the home and a few questions asked.  We would appreciate your prayers and are looking forward to this next step in the process. 


AuntieBee said...

Praying for you as God makes this more real within your home and prepares it for your new addition/s! So blessed by your family!

Chelsea said...

Hmmmm. 11 minus 3 equals.......8! I think. Great time to round my troops and offer up prayers right before we leave for school.

Consider yourself covered!

btw, BB prays every night that "Michelle's body would heal." I think that's her way of asking God to keep the seizures at bay!

Love you all; you will do well.

Mom RS said...

God's perfect timing!