Thursday, October 13, 2011

two more nights

Thank you for all the texts and emails telling me that you are praying for us.  We feel your prayers.  Life is a little chaotic and yet there is a fog of peace floating over us.  Yesterday Bundle Brother had his longest TV watching stretch yet.  With the rain coming down and the fact that I have packed virtually all his toys I didn't feel like I had many options.  As others have told me, he will survive.  Babydoll pretty much did her own thing which included hovering about my feet wherever I cleaned and playing with the basket of dog toys.  Fun!

We have been counting down the nights left sleeping in his house for a few days now.  Brother is on a mattress on his bedroom floor and Babydoll is sleeping the night away in a pack 'n play.  Just when I think we are mostly done packing, I manage to fill three more boxes.  Sigh.

My biggest personal prayer requests right now are for patience and strength.

I feel like I am juggling one too many balls right now and my attitude has been on edge at times to say the least.  I got FOUR reminders from the Lord to breathe yesterday so maybe I should take His advice.

Inhale.  Exhale.

Today is the last day I can be super productive.  We close on the house tomorrow as well as pick up the moving truck.  It will be another long tiring day but by the end of the weekend we will be in our new home and moving into the next chapter with our eyes facing forward.  We might be puddles on the floor from sheer exhaustion, but it will be our new floors.

The kids will be going to a friend's house on Saturday while we move.  We have several people from church coming out to help us pack the truck.  Our hope is that some of them will be willing and able to drive down and unload with us on the other end.  After scheduling stuff to be installed on Monday, we will be back up here again on Tuesday to clean the house before doing our walk through with the landlord in the afternoon (he requested we be ready sometime during his lunch break between 1 and 2. ??? hopefully we can get a lot done tonight and tomorrow so cleaning day doesn't take as long. ps. we will have the kids with us at closing and while cleaning.  pray for us.)  We are praying we get our full deposit back.

It is 6:34am and I just heard Brother's door squeak open.  Time to go love on him.  He wasn't met with the happiest Mama yesterday morning.

Thanks again for the prayers.  Keep them coming.

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Persicke Family said...

Praying for you Alexis during this transition time. Be thankful in all the little moments my friend- the chaotic and the calm. Love you!