Friday, October 21, 2011

a long update


What an amazing and long week!  We have been living in our new home for seven days now and I think I can finally say things are starting to come together.

I am exhausted.  My temperament doesn't do well with nonstop busyness all day every day.  Maybe that is why I am drawn to people who thrive on it.  Seriously.  Many of my dearest friends go go go.  Perhaps God knew we needed each other for balance but I have no idea how they do it.

Since moving we have been going nonstop.  And I mean nonstop.  The first four days we were pretty much constant unpacking, installing things, hanging stuff on the walls, shopping, shopping, shopping.  Errands exhaust me any way so just add all the other stuff and I was pretty much walking around with little physical strength and lots of impatience.  I am talking staying up late to unpack just to wake up early and unpack some before the kids woke up.  Then unpacking during the day between errands to Lowes and Target and back to Lowes and then finally to Target.  Both stores are strategically positioned nearby.  I was so busy I kept forgetting to eat and drink and shower and sleep...zzz.  I saw a box today labeled that it contained my hair dryer and I laughed when I realized I hadn't even bothered looking for it all week. When did I go from never leaving the house without make up to not remembering the last time I did my hair? Sigh.

Our home is coming together though.  I can't wait to share all we have done with you soon-ish.  The kids are almost ready to run away from home and find a new family (preferably the same one so they can stay together) because we have been so busy getting stuff settled around here.  My Love took the whole week off of work to help and we have been trying to get as much accomplished as we could.  But as My Love told me today, the craziness will soon be over.  Trying to juggle kids and finding a place for everything is proving much harder this time around.  I mean, I know where this one particular thing went in our old house but where should it go now...  Priority day one was unpacking the toys in the play room.  It was like Christmas morning for awhile but it didn't exactly keep the kiddos occupied all day so we could continue unpacking like I had planned.  Little people have been clinging close to our feet begging for our attention for awhile now. 

Many of you have called and left messages and texted and emailed.  Thank you so much for your sweet words of prayers and encouragement.  Our cell coverage is spotty and really I haven't even been able to answer my phone in all the busyness.  Please know I have received your words and will hopefully get back to you when the fog of moving dissipates.

I have so much to share but I don't want to post it all at once or it will just be way too long and no one will ever read it (except maybe Chelsea).  So here are some post topics to get me focused:

moving day
new neighbors
the house

We'll see how far I get tonight.



Chanel said...

It's such a process. It can't be done in a week. I don't think anyone expects your house to be perfectly put together even several months from now. I have struggled with this big time, but I think some of my favorite things about our house are ideas that evolved over some time. I'm still learning. Have fun with it.
hey I read the long ones too.

AuntieBee said...

I'm so excited to see and hear how everything is coming together. We are praying for you over here. On a side note, i think your doubting how much your sisters do care about you. I read the long one's too!! I don't always have a comment, but I am blessed by every word that you post on your blogs!
Love you sister!

Chelsea said...

You made me laugh out loud! (I think maybe the sisters will comment more often now!)

Your home will be settled, kiddos will bounce back. They want more of your attention cause you are occupied (just like when you are on the phone/skype and they all of the sudden need to tell you about something that happened two weeks ago but is of upmost importance now). No, oh I guess it's just my kids that do that :)

Just look at what you have accomplished in the last week! And God even gave you a Target nearby! "In all things be thankful". Loving you sister.