Saturday, October 22, 2011

moving day

I wrote this really long and detailed post yesterday but it got deleted before I could publish it.


You are getting the abridged version tonight.

Let's try this again.

We started planning the logistics for moving day a few weeks out.  We weren't sure how many friends would be able to help out the day of so we opted to hire two guys who would help load and unload our rental truck just in case.  God had other plans.  We were able to cancel with the moving company in advance because He brought plenty of people and we were beyond blessed by His provision.  Throughout the day we had five guys and eight hard working girls helping us move.  When you surrender a problem to the Lord and trust he can meet the need if necessary, He will often go above and beyond what you could have possibly done by your own power.

Babydoll had been sick with a high fever the few days leading up to Saturday but woke up late healthy and ready to spend the day with Brother at our dear friend's home in our neighborhood.  The weather was gorgeous (68 degrees, sunny blue skies, slight breeze).  Everyone showed up with smiles and cheerful servant hearts.  I was humbled by how much God loves us.

Everything went amazingly well.  The whole process was so smooth and stress-free all around.  Once the truck was strategically packed, we loaded the few cars that were driving down with us (another example of God's provision...lots of help on the other end of the move) to the new house and we still couldn't fit everything in one trip.  We had hoped we could return the truck after a one way drive and save on gas but once again God knew what he was doing.  The commitment of some of our friends to stay all day and the laughs heard in the car ride back up were priceless gifts from God.  We were all deliriously exhausted and giddy about it.  Once we made it back to the old house to pick up the rest of the stuff one friend returned from the morning to help load again.  We we so blessed.  After picking up the kids and loading up the dog to drive away from one chapter into another one, our long day was finally coming to an end.  The kids were in their own beds by 8pm while My Love and I collapsed in ours shortly thereafter.  Priority number one: unpack the toy boxes.  We knew one phase of this move was finally over but the getting settled part was about to begin.  By the way, movers deserve every single penny they earn.  Every muscle in my body hated me by day's end.

Did I mention how perfect the weather was?  It was perfect.  I can't say enough how amazing moving day went.  Thank you all for your prayers.  We felt them during every step of the process.  His hand was guiding us through the whole day.  We had tons of help.  There was no stress.  The kids were healthy and in good hands.  We have some amazing friends with huge servant hearts for the Lord. 

We are overwhelmed by his grace.

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Chelsea said...

Kinda puts the verse, "With God all things are possible" into a new light. So glad things went so smooth for you.

Loving you from across the country.