Friday, October 14, 2011

closing another door

It is kind of odd that I have become more flexible as I get older but it sure seems to be the case.  Or maybe when you learn to surrender everything to Jesus there is a peace that gets you through any circumstance or change of plans.

My Love went and picked up the truck this morning.  The kids and I drove down to the doctor to see if they could find out why Babydoll isn't shaking her lingering high fever.  My Love went on to have lunch with some coworkers (at Five Guys on Fridays) and did the final walk through at the house.  He said everything looked great.  Now he and our realtor are meeting at the title company so he can sign oodles of paperwork in order to close on our new house.  My Love was out of the country the last time we went through this process (I had to sign my name and his name with a power of attorney sentence after it on every page while our realtor/church's youth pastor entertained our then 10 month old baby boy for two hours.).  It has been a huge gift to have him taking care of all the logistics this time around.  Suddenly packing and cleaning seems like a walk in the park.  He has also taken care of changing all our utilities, etc.  The older I get the more I learn being in charge isn't all it is cracked up to be.  Doing this one thing well for God's glory is so less stressful than carrying the burden of the big picture.  Plus, God made My Love to do everything else so well.  We are still learning, people.

There was more flooding rain here yesterday but the sun seems to be breaking through the clouds as promised today and our basement didn't flood.  We are hopeful the weather will be good enough to continue our move as planned.  

The kids are taking a nap.  Babydoll is suspected to have a virus so we may have to keep her with us on moving day because sending a sick kiddo to a friend's house doesn't exactly seem like a thoughtful thing to do.  Will you pray with us that the logistics of moving day go smoothly, that we will have plenty of help to get us through the whole day, that Babydoll will feel better soon, and that God would give us physical strength (we are exhausted) and cheerful attitudes through this whole process?

One more night in this house and then it is on to the next chapter.  We can't wait to turn the page already.


Persicke Family said...

Awww Alexis, Praying for babydoll! And for you all. God knows all the details of this move! Keep trusting Him as I know you are!

Mom RS said...

Oh Honey, you make me smile :) It doesn't matter how tired we are when God is walking along side of us. I can sense His presence in your writings. Oh ya, you make me smile:)
We continue to be in prayer for you. We love you.