Tuesday, October 18, 2011

quick update

Hi Readers-

I am still alive.  We have been going nonstop and I don't think I have even slept much/well in the past week.  Everything is going great at the new house.  The unpacking process is going a little slower than we remember last time (Oh, yeah.  We didn't have two young kiddos then.).  but we are also trying to add new additions to our decor at the same time.  I have lots to tell you about the move.  I hope I remember it all.

Back to unpacking.  The kids need some of our attention tomorrow.  The more we can get done in the evenings and early mornings the better for them. 

Bye for now.


Mom RS said...

We continue to pray for you guys and we are giddy about what you are up to. Looking forward to hearing from you. Love ya all.

Chanel said...

Glad to hear it! Enjoy all the decorating and organizing and arranging! So so fun :)