Friday, October 14, 2011

bright white

We had some less than ideal circumstances come our way this evening.  You know the kind where you take your son to Target to buy the bedding for his new room and leave your sick baby home with Daddy just to get to the register and realize you left your wallet in the diaper bag because you only wanted to carry one thing in with you to the doctor's office on this rainy day.

I was overwhelmed by how gracious and understanding our big Bundle Boy was about the whole thing.  I mean the entire purpose of our outing was to buy this really exciting thing for him before going to Chick-fil-A to bring home dinner for the family which we couldn't do now either.  "It's ok," he said.  "We can get my dinosaur bed another day."  I wasn't even going overboard with an apology either.  I just explained that sometimes things don't go as we would have planned.  When I buckled him in the car disappointed with the hour we just wasted, he was singing joyfully some silly song to himself and making me smile.

On the drive home I was flooded with emotion about all that is happening in this moment when the sun came beaming down at me.  I spent some time taking pictures of the sun shining behind the white clouds before we left on our errand.  I can hardly believe that a river was flowing through our backyard only yesterday.  Today the sun was breaking through the clouds.  It was note worthy.  After leaving Target at about 5:30pm, the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds and beamed the most brilliant white so bright that I could only see the road just before me.  The direction of the road shifted.  The sun snuck behind the tree line but you could still see its light.  Suddenly I realized we were driving parallel to the light in the shadow of the things of this world standing between us and the sun's power.  A slight turn in my direction and we were entering our neighborhood driving toward the bright white sun head on.  Tears fell while the music played.  

This is really happening.  We are moving tomorrow.


Mom RS said...

By our experience - Penske is the best. I drove a P truck by myself from Bakersfield to Auburn. Yep, smiling all the way 8-D
And that boy of yours - he's 'got the joy joy joy joy joy down in his heart... down in his heart to STAY!' Yes he does! His socks were probably blessed off to spend an hour with only you today. You are such a good mom. I love you.

Persicke Family said...

I agree with Mom RS. Penske is the BEST! Drove one across country a couple of times.

Love you and thinking of you. Love this bright light leading your way!
As I write this you are probably sitting among a pile of boxes trying to figure out what to unpack next. Praying for you in this new journey.