Thursday, October 13, 2011

closing tomorrow


It has been a long day.  Every muscle in my body is tired.  

Babydoll is completely out of it.  I thought it might have been teething that gave her a fever starting yesterday (she is growing #5 and #6 now at 18 months), but really it seems like something else.  She slept a whopping 15 hours last night and in fact slept in the two mornings before that.  She isn't sleeping well at night (crying out) and seems miserable off and on during the day.  It is so hard to care for sick babies because they can't tell you what is hurting.  We are praying that whatever it is passes quickly.  She has no other symptoms at this point.

While all that was going on, Brother managed to watch a startling 5 HOURS of TV today.  That's right, people.  I win the worst Mom award of the day.  I however got a lot accomplished (packing more boxes, washing most of the windows, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, etc.).  It should make cleaning day next week go that much quicker.

My Love and I brewed a pot of coffee after the kids went down and got to work doing our own moving thing.  We actually work well as a team in times like this.  If that boy makes a list he gets things done.  I have a few open boxes that have to be filled with some last minute things but I think we are down to the end.  It still blows my mind that we will be sleeping in our house the same night we move in.  We have only ever moved extremely long distances and don't see our belongings for one to two months after watching someone else pack them.  No blow up mattresses needed in this case.  One night I'll be sleeping in my bed and then next night...I'll be sleeping in my bed.  So cool.

On another note, Bundle Boy and I found his perfect new dinosaur bedding for the new house yesterday.  He was long over due for a bedroom update.  He is almost 4 and is still sporting parts of his nursery decor.  We thought decorating his new room might make the transition that much more fun for him.  I am excited to get started on that for him.

Crazy thing happened today.  My Love commuted to work early to run at the gym and realized once he got there that the hanger with his suit on it was missing his pants.  All I could think about was the drawing in the Shell Silverstein book next to the Something is Missing poem.  You know the one?  Anyway we talked about meeting him halfway somewhere (IKEA perhaps) but he later decided to just go into work in his shorts and t-shirt and run at the gym after work (so thoughtful of him).  So because he had no pants, he left work a little earlier than normal so he could get a few miles in on the treadmil for his marathon training and made it home before 6pm to join us for dinner.  What a treat!  As I sat down to write this the news said there was a tornado that touched down (with cell phone video footage to prove it) near his work and held up traffic for some time on the commute home.  Today I am thankful for missing pants.

On an entirely different note, I was a little stressed about taking the kids to closing tomorrow since Brother pretty much spent the last two days camped out in front of the TV watching every PBS show known to man.  But it turns out only My Love has to go to closing because the loan for this house is only in his name which means I can stay home and do something fun with the kids since I worked my butt off the last two days because I thought Friday would be busy down at the new house.  Sigh.  God is good all the time.  Even in feverish babies, dirty neglected windows, TV watching marathons, missing pants, and solo closing dates.

Good night then.


Mom RS said...

God bless your dreams 8)

The Golins said...

I feel like I'm moving with you! Thanks for taking the time to write even in the midst of moving madness. Love you!