Saturday, May 26, 2012

we're all good

I know it has been too long between blog posts when I get concerned "How are you doing?" messages.  Answer?  Great!  The sun is shining and our family has been spending a good portion of our days outdoors enjoying God's creation (and our new swing set in the backyard).  We feel like we are back into a comfortable routine around here after traveling and it feels rather sweet.  I am homeschooling Brother in the near empty basement now and that seems to be helping with the elimination of distractions (aka toys).  Babydoll loves sitting in her desk while coloring right next to Brother.  She jumps right in with what we are learning and I am having a fun time teaching them.  Our days have become more structured and peaceful.  We are enjoying every moment of our days with these two precious gifts from God.  Even the ones spent correcting the endless phrases that start with "I want" and the whining that comes after every instruction.  Sigh.  Theses are the days of our lives and we are filled with joy to be their parents.

We have heard nothing from foster care.  In some ways that feels like a good thing.  We continue to pray for the children that may one day come to live with us but for now God has them right where they need to be.  It feels pretty strange to be waiting on something that we don't know will ever happen.  You start asking yourself what could have been God's plan for all of this if in the end we would never be foster parents.  I know, dramatic, huh?  But really, he doesn't owe us anything.  All we know at this point is that he gave us this house to use for his glory, he called us to obediently follow him into foster parent training, and now he is asking us to wait.  Most people start paining walls in their house while they are waiting, right?  Last night we got the entry painted and My Love picked up another gallon to get started on the office.  Swatches for the bedrooms have been looked over as well.  While we wait we will paint.

I will say though that more than ever I feel an aching for our home to be bustling with people.  Brother set the table one day and put My Love and me at either ends of the table while Brother and Babydoll Sissy sat on one side together .  The two empty chairs on the other side were loudly empty.  Somehow the topic was brought up over dinner and I told brother that those two chairs could be reserved for whomever God would have come to live with us someday.  He looked around the house and noticed that we had many more chairs for kids to fill.  "And we have the bench too," I said.  "We could fill it up with hineys (sp?)!"  Brother burst into laughter at the mention of rears lined up at the table eating dinner with us but somehow I envision that scenario.  The other day I read two references to the miracle the Jesus did of feeding the five thousand (once in my God Calling devotional and later that day in Brother's school curriculum).  I am ready to give God whatever is in my hands (and house and heart...) for God to multiple abundantly for his glory.  We don't know what God has planned ahead for us but while we are waiting he is planting in our hearts a deeper desire for whatever it may be.

In the mean time we are going about our days trying our best to live in a way that pleases Him.  Thank you to all the people that have been praying for the recent trial we have been walking through with loved ones.  There has not been a conclusion yet but God has been working in all of our hearts and good will come of it.  My only regret is that I didn't read the first email and choose then to be thankful to God for whatever was before me.  He is always good.  I am learning a lot and will share more soon.

So don't be worried if there is another gap between posts.  It just means that we are soaking up the rays of God's glory and enjoying every moment (of toddler shrieking) that we have been given.  Time to keep waiting...and painting.

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Chanel said...

Glad to hear the updates on many fronts :)
Do we get to see pictures of the new paint?