Thursday, May 31, 2012

light meets the dark

I was driving from the library after our weekly story time.  The kids were flipping through their new finds in the back seat and we were on our way to the commissary.  It was a busy morning.  This song came on the radio.  I knew from the beat that I had heard it many times before and had probably mindlessly even sung along to the chorus a time or two.  Tears started to fall.  It wasn't but a couple lines in and I knew God was speaking to me through the airwaves. 

I feel strongly that this most recent personal trial has been a very necessary part of connecting deeper with all parties involved.  It has been about making myself vulnerable enough (ie. letting down my walls) to let people in.  It amazes me that I keep holding on to self.  God continues to find dark corners of my heart that he wants to expose to the light.  This is where the healing begins.  So please rejoice with me that God is doing big things in my life.  He continues to change me and mold me.  Something tells me he still has more to do.

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