Monday, May 14, 2012


I have been thinking a lot lately about our flight home after visiting family recently.  Babydoll was by the window in her car seat.  I was in the middle chair and Bundle Brother took up the aisle on this leg of the trip.  My sister sat in the seat directly behind him.  In the row just ahead of us and adjacent to Brother sat a nine year old boy.  He was very talkative and kind.  He and my Bundle hit it off early in the flight.  The boy sat next to his Mom and four year old sister.  The girls had thicker accents and went in and out of speaking English and something else with one another.  The boy didn't interact much with his family. 

The boy introduced himself giving an Indian name that was hard to understand and immediately followed up with, "But you can call me A-Jax!"  Brother was puzzled by this name but went on to share his name and then adding, "But you can call me B-Jax!"  My sister and I laughed quietly.

The boys shared snacks and talked about super heroes and Star Wars and their favorite toys back at home.  I am not sure Brother has had such a running conversation with another kid before.  Perhaps the captive audience was to his benefit.  He didn't even seem aware that I was there unless A-Jax asked him about a movie or TV show that Brother had never heard of before.  "Mom, have I seen Harry Potter?" he asked.  I lowered my book and answered with confidence, "No."  He relayed the answer to his new friend whose nick name he kept forgetting.

At one point Brother started singing the B-I-B-L-E song over and over again.  I had taught it to him the week before in school.  He rambled off each line.  The boy across the aisle spelled out the letters in his head and then said to himself,

"Bible?  What's a Bible?"

I was stunned to say the least.  Thinking back I probably should have said something, ANYTHING (I know KB would have) but I wasn't involved in their conversation.  I should have said that it was the Word of God and that it tells the story of why we need a Savior and that his name is Jesus and he loves YOU.  But really I couldn't believe the look on his face.  I wasn't afraid of offending his Mom or anything, I just was really that surprised by the whole thing.  How does he not know what the Bible is?  I mean, I guess Brother doesn't know what the Quaran is?  I just assumed though that everyone in America at least knows what the Bible is and chooses to believe it or not.  I would assume that most Americans have not read it in its entirety but they at least have heard of the book before.

I am pretty sure my mouth was hanging open behind my book that I was pretending to read while listening to their conversation.  The boys went on to talk about something else.  I was thankful in that moment that the Lord stirred my social four year old to sing a song about the Bible with all boldness repeatedly on an airplane.  I never dreamed God would use it to speak the name of his Holy Scripture for the first time to the listening ears of a nine-year old boy of Indian decent.

God keeps bringing it to mind.  We are to be the light of the world.  People are supposed to see our actions and hear our words and see and hear Jesus Christ if he lives in us.  I can not longer be so naive to think everyone in the States knows and and some just choose not to follow.  No.  Some, many really don't know.

My life is forever changed. 

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AuntieBee said...

You are not alone here.. I thought the very same thing. Thank you for sharing this blog because without it, I'm not sure if I would have ever known that truth before. Praise the Lord for faith like a child!