Saturday, May 19, 2012

sun and moon

Every other song on the radio today seems to have lyrics that include the sun and moon.  After counting His graces early last year, I have come to appreciate God's amazing beauty poured out in love for me in countless ways.  

The last two weeks I have been teaching Bundle Brother about the sun and moon.  God is so amazing that he gave us light to break through the darkness.  He made our world to revolve around the Sun and the moon to reflect its light.  I am humbled by His words seemingly whispering to me in love letters.  Go out and say goodnight moon before you fall asleep and may it remind you of God's incredible creation.  Lord may we accurately reflect your light to this lost world.

I'm giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun.
Every starry night, that was His design.
I'm giving my life to the only Son, who was and is and yet to come
Let the praises ring, 'cause He is everything
'Cause He is everything

-Starry Night by Chris August