Sunday, May 27, 2012

the full vs. new moon

I continue to be awed by God's amazing creation of the moon.  We look up and notice it more when it is bright and full but somehow even if we don't see it we know of it's silent presence.  As an adult I understand that the moon doesn't actually change shape.  
Depending on where the moon is in relation to the earth, we see the (sometimes small) part of the sphere that is reflecting the sun which is God's light source.  Did you know that we see the full circle of the moon when it is in fact behind the earth?  While it faces the sun from back there, the light reflects directly down into our night sky.  When the moon has orbited between the sun and earth, the inhabitants of this planet don't see the light at all.  Even though the moon is now closer to the sun it essentially has it's back to the source of light.  In an attempt to show the earth who God is, the people end up seeing nothing at all (the new moon) in the dark night sky.

Oh Lord help me to take a back seat to your marvelous powerful light.  Let my life only fully reflect--not waxing and waning--who you are at all times.

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AuntieBee said...

I am so glad you posted this. I am constantly awed by God's marvelous creation of the moon. It is so magnificent and very under-rated I think.