Friday, February 3, 2012

i want to live

I have a few things to write about but I have either been distracted by something important or I have been distracting myself with pointless things.  I am waiting for a clear head to write.  One can hope anyway.  Sometimes the words come in songs though.  I know I post lots of YouTube videos here.  I don't do it (just) because I like the music.  I post them because on that day that particular song is saying the words I can't seem to put together into sentences on my own.  So here is another one.  We have a busy weekend ahead but I hope I can stop distracting myself long enough to publish more of my own thoughts.  Although they are disjointed and mostly brief ideas, they have been coming often.  We are in a good place around here.  My heart is full and thankful and overwhelmed by God's love.  I want to live like that.