Wednesday, February 15, 2012

praying for

I don't exactly know what to say.  There isn't much to share.  Life is happening.  Since Babydoll's seizure scare, reality has settled in.  It took a few days for everyone to catch up on sleep and for the girls to kick the cold symptoms.  Then there was housework and laundry and parenting and a marriage to focus on.  

After reading through two of the books on my end table about foster care (one informative and one memoir), my mind has been redirected to normal life stuff.  In some ways, God has been good to let us focus on the chapter ahead during times the past few months in order to spur conversation and prepare our lives for the changes.  And then other times (like now), he has protected us from being consumed with too much on our mental plates.  I have been putting together a more structured home preschool schedule for Brother lately.  With the busyness that will come around here this spring, now seemed as good a time as any to set down a predictable routine for my human firstborn.  He is thriving once again and frankly so am I.

On the other hand, I was having lunch with a friend yesterday.  She will be watching the kids during our foster parenting classes over the next eight weeks.  It seemed appropriate to talk about logistics for her Tuesday nights with Babydoll and Bundle since our first class is in SIX days.

Suddenly it feels weird to focus on normal life stuff.  How did the 21st of February already sneak up on us like that?

What we are praying for?
*the kids will do well at home on the evenings we are away
*that my friend will be blessed (and not overwhelmed) during her time with our kids
*that our classes will be informative and helpful
*for the other couples in attendance
*for the relationships of support we will make with those other couples over the next few months
*that we will become prepared and equipped to whatever God wills
*that My Love and I will be on the same page every step of the way

Not to mention...
*for the children who will come stay with us-- I often pray that God would protect their minds/bodies and reassure them in moments of peace that he is preparing a safe/loving place for them!
*that Babydoll and Bundle Boy will be prepared for any sudden additions
*that My Love and I would be open to adoption in His timing
*for our trip to visit family RIGHT AFTER our classes end
*God's timing for our first placement call
*continued growth/strengthening in our marriage relationship
*that we wouldn't put God in a box and be open to whatever he has planned for how to use us

And who can forget...
*the building of new friendships in our neighborhood
*the investing in the the old friendships that our out of daily sight
*getting involved in our new church body
*maintaining our home for God's glory and making it available to be used by him at a moment's notice
*speaking the name of Jesus in every conversation and in keeping it the focus of every thought that crosses our minds
*dying to self in our marriage as we learn to do it God's way

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