Friday, February 3, 2012

grace in potty training

Recently I have felt like my mind is turning radical.  I tend to see the most trivial situations as having spiritual value.  I don't know if that is biblical or not but I do believe God is Sovereign.  Every detail of our lives has been planned for his purpose.  Just because I haven't thought about it until now doesn't mean some mundane things haven't had heavenly significance all along.

Take Babydoll's recent milestone for example.  What if God chose for our second child to potty train before turning two not because she is extraordinarily intelligent (because lets face it most children learn how to do it eventually and the when is really NOT important, people) but because He knew that would be one less thing I would have to manage after taking in our first foster child?

Oh how He loves me.  He thinks of things I don't.  He plans for everything.

Today I feel loved by God because before the foundations of the world he wove a 21 month old potty trained child into the fabric of my family.  He knows what is around the bend and perhaps trying to potty train a toddler in the midst of all of that would have been too much for us.

He is cool like that.

note: God's grace is overwhelming even in potty training (and she is also extraordinarily intelligent!) ;)


Chelsea said...

In regards to the potty training/intelligence: It's the Hirsch family genes! (Not that Adam's not smart, I just don't belong to his gene pool like I do you).

In regards to God's perfect timing: Isn't it great when He shows us His plan?

So good to see you on His path, even though it may seem so hard.

Persicke Family said...

Thankful for ALL things and seeing His plan in it all! So good!