Saturday, February 25, 2012

moving forward

Thank you for your prayers.

I have been writing and talking to people about how Babydoll has been doing so much that I forgot that I haven't updated the blog yet.  Maybe my repetition with loved ones will allow for a concise explanation for you here.

We saw Sissy's pediatrician on Friday afternoon.  Because she is not sick and there was no infection to cause a fever, he believes that the vaccines she got a week before were the cause.  Not of the seizure, just the cause of the fever.  Don't get me started on how frustrated I am about all of  that.  Really.

In a nutshell, febrile seizures are benign and are not uncommon in children up to age five.  Studies show that kids who have them can grow up to live normal healthy lives with no problems with intelligence.  They are triggered by either an extremely high fever or a sudden rise in fever.  This last time her fever only read 100.5 whereas the first time three hours after Motrin it read 102.5.  (note: We have a working thermometer now.)  Sometimes you don't even know they have a fever until a seizure starts.  Her doctor can not tell us "she will always have seizures with fever" or "she will never have one again".  Obviously it was concerning that she had two so close together in time but not terribly alarming from their perspective.  There are things that would be cause for concern though.  Like more than one in a 24 hour period, a seizure lasting for an hour, etc.  We are not in that arena.  Her Dr. said often times children with epilepsy will show other signs (like with development) that their brains have been affected.  Babydoll is very smart and is learning and growing quickly.  All that to say, he still wants us to take her to the ER if it were to happen again and said she will probably need a full neurological work up after the third seizure to rule out anything else.  Um...this is not uncommon BUT be concerned if it happens ONE more time?  I think we need a new pediatrician.

There is so much more I could share but really it is better I don't vent in this forum.  The bottom line is Babydoll is doing well and we have been advised to aggressively treat fevers with Motrin/Tylenol at the first sign with the goal being preventing a sudden spike at all.  That can be easier said than done though as we read sometimes the seizure is the first evidence of the presence of a fever at all.

Many people have expressed concern and while I will admit we were anxious while she had a fever of any temperature this last time we choose not to continue thinking about it while she is well.  We know people are praying.  They are praying for us and with us and the Lord hears those prayers.  We are feeling them.  We KNOW our God IS Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who Heals, and we trust he can see the big picture.  As I was reminded recently, he designed the whole picture. 

She is safe in His arms.


amanda said...

I think your decision to not think about while she is well is wise. We take that same approach with Ethan. It has allowed us to be more comfortable and less anxious and that attitude seems to flow out to others who encounter him, meaning people don't treat him different. Complete trust in God is the way to go!

tommysmommy said...

emailed you early this am and then read this post. your trust and outlook continues to be an encouragement and an example. Will continue to pray for clear guidance and of course a complete healing!! Praising Him that He refines us through everything and that He did design the big picture!!