Sunday, January 29, 2012

where did my head go?

Oh boy has my head been all over the place.  God has been speaking in a very long run-on sentence (somewhat like I assume this post will come across to you) and I haven't had a moment to piece all the fragments together in my mind.  I mean, I definitely take note to the parts of the puzzle that I never noticed before, but I wouldn't say it can all be explained clearly here.  It is more of a broad understanding.  Does that make sense?  

We have both had lots of moments of "oh that's why God did that way back when" and "who would have thought that experience/relationship/job would have prepared us for what comes next?"  To be perfectly honest had God told us in previous chapters the "why" behind certain life decisions that were seemingly made for us we probably would have laughed and said no thank you.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss, people.  Thankfully in our naivete we still chose to trust and follow God's will for our lives even if we didn't fully understand it.

For instance, my job right out of college had nothing to do with my degree.  I am guessing that probably disappointed some people although they never told me that.  I was working on an Army Post in a foreign country assisting in a toddler class at a Child Development Center.  It was A LOT of work physically/mentally but oh so rewarding.  Children would often move away to wherever the Army sent their families.  After investing in their young lives for many months, potty training, documenting their development, watching them meet countless milestones, it was always hard to say goodbye knowing I would never see them again.  Understanding that they would never remember me.   Now My Love and I see that first job right out of college as divinely chosen.  Not just something I settled for because WIC Overseas and the HAWC didn't work out.  No.  God knew.  At that job I loved and taught all kinds of kids from all kinds of backgrounds.  I saw what a predictable, safe, loving environment (at a Child Development Center) can do in a young child's life (18-36 months) even when life at home is stressful and chaotic.  Those experiences seem priceless now.  The examples go on from there.  I am starting to see that He has been equipping me for some time now.  Oh yes.  God has been busy speaking quietly to my heart and loudly through the voices of others.  

Now let me see.  Where did my head go?

More to come.


Chelsea said...

God is so amazing. I love the times when He gives a glimpse into His plan. When He shows us what the purposes of life decisions are for. It's that time to tell you, "See, it's going to be okay. I have things under control. Just take a quick peek at what I am doing so that you can trust Me."

God is awesome and He knows when you need those moments.

jeffandtracy said...

If only I could remember this in the midst of stress and worry. :) His preparations for us aren't always clear in the present. I'm glad we can trust in the future and have HIM to lean on in tough times.

love you lex

Chanel said...

It's so wonderful when He gives us that understanding and allows us to see those puzzle pieces click into place. He is faithful to equip us. I feel his sweet love for me when I think of how he has done that in my own life -looking back and realizing, oh that's why! How perfectly planned. It also makes me realize how clueless I am in the grand scheme of things ;) Just all the more reason to trust him. Will he suddenly become faithless or lacking? Of course not! How he has proven his love for us in every detail of our lives!