Thursday, January 12, 2012

before the morning

Can you tell that God has been speaking to my heart through music lately?  I feel like I am hearing some songs for the first time even though I have been mindlessly singing along to the lyrics for some time.  I have no idea if people actually listen to the videos I post but sharing them here is a good reminder to me of what God is saying to my heart in this moment.  I don't know if it is the case for you, but our local Christian radio stations have been playing All of Me by Matt Hammitt to death around here.  I hope it stirs you to pray for us because we need it.  Have a great day!

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AuntieBee said...

I listen to the videos you post. In fact, most of them I have purchaced through iTunes after you post them because they speak to me just as much in God's own way.
So from the west coast, and your baby sister, thank you for sharing these words of music God is speaking to you through!
I love you sister!