Monday, January 23, 2012

Bible app

A friend posted a Psalm reference on Facebook today.  My Love gave me his old phone when he got a new one.  I don't have a data plan (because I don't want one) but I can use the apps/ internet at home (where I am most of the time) or with Wi-Fi at public places.  One app I hadn't used yet but had noticed was there from when My Love used the phone was one called Holy Bible.  I plugged in the Psalm my friend shared on her status.  At the bottom of the page was an audio button.  A male voice started reading scripture to me.  What?  Am I way behind the times or something?  This little tiny app might revolutionize my cleaning habits.  While the kids took in an episode of Word World via Netflix after dinner (don't judge), I cleaned the kitchen with headphones on.  I heard ten Psalms read to me before I had to stop cleaning and start parenting.  It becomes a lot harder to choose the hard thing at the end of the day when you know your husband isn't coming home and everyone is tired (praying for you JS).

I am a terrible housekeeper.  OK.  Maybe not terrible but I don't love it and I neglect a lot of important jobs for too long.  Suddenly I found another motivation (in addition to serving My God and my family).  Listening to scripture.  Oh this is going to be good for me, people.  I can feel it.  And the New Testament!!  Yes, I think I will like need this very much.

Next word study: steadfast love.  It sure stood out in the version I was listening to while being repeated often.

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