Tuesday, January 24, 2012

seeing beauty

Some dear friends of ours have a daughter who is a senior in high school and has a home school education.  It is safe to say her presence (and that of her three brothers and parents) in our lives was one of the pieces of the puzzle God used to confirm for us his plan for our family to home school.  She is an amazing girl, people.  You would never believe she is a teenager.  We are blessed to know this family and I wanted to share one of N's most recent life changing experiences.  Just in case you are in the market for another blog read.  She just returned from a trip to India that she took with her aunt as part of a large group who went for humanitarian and missionary (I think) outreach.  She has been in the process of writing (beautifully) about her trip and I know you will be blessed by her view of the world and the lost and broken whom God loves.  N has shared three posts about her trip so far but I know her heart and mind are overflowing and there will be more to come.



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Persicke Family said...

Thank you for sharing, remarkable!