Monday, November 21, 2011

use your words

How did we end up with a whiner?  Seriously.

Our sweet little Babydoll is going to turn me gray any day now.  Somehow with more language came constant whining.  We still haven't learned if it is more affective with her to deal with each issue head on or totally ignore it.  Our batting average is low at the home field and away.

It is so humbling to have children.  Nothing goes as planned and the balance of figuring out how to parent two kids differently is less of a dance and more of a hot mess.


Parenting has recently become a full time job.  What I mean by that is we are constantly trying to scramble and figure out what in the world we are even doing.  Yes our oldest human child is turning four in a couple of months and no we still have no idea what we are doing.  I mean, we do but we don't.  The foundation is there but the rest seems to be blowing in the wind right now.  What happened to my structure?!?!  As My Love so eloquently stated tonight, "It is like they are both going through the terrible twos at the same time!" Note: Neither of them are two.

Having more than one kid brings a whole new set of parenting challenges.  Although we always knew the concept we have just realized we can not parent two different personalities the same way.  It is just not possible.  But how do you do it in a way that isn't overtly noticeable to both parties and how do you figure out HOW to parent the second one differently?

Time to regroup.

Did I ask you to pray for us yet?

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Chelsea said...

Okay, so when my older kids start to whine I just have to say, "Try that again" and they tend to use their words. This did not come easy, nor does it comes consistantly but it does come some of the time.

It just starts with the rephrasing the sentence and ask them to repeat. Sometimes I just tell my kids that God did not give me ears that can hear whining and then walk away. It doesn't always work, with every child, or any child for that matter.

Yes, each one is so different and they are parented differently, but to tell you the matter how many kids you have, or how long you've been a parent you are always "winging it". Each one is so different, created by God to be an individual and they are called to be treated differently.

You are in my prayers everyday. Now even more! Love you!