Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hold on tight

It is going to be a wild ride.

God showed up yesterday.  After posting here, a friend who is currently involved in the adoption process sent me a text about a possible opportunity in our state.

I lost my breathe.  I mean, we weren't ready for this.  It is too soon.  We weren't planning on disrupting the birth order.  We hadn't talked about some important logistics yet...like was adoption imminent or were we content just fostering.  What was God planning?

We won't be adopting quite yet but God used that message to communicate something very important to us.





"Is it bad to put guidelines on what we are willing to accept from the Lord?" Adam asked me.

We are praying.  Praying for this boy who needs a family.  Praying that God would prepare our hearts for whatever he has planned for us.  Praying for wisdom and discernment about what would be best for our other children during this phase of their childhood as more opportunities arise.

I contacted our county yesterday.  They are sending me some info through the mail.  We live in the northside of our city which is technically in a different county.  By God's design I'm sure.  We were told we could foster in any county, but I think we will start in our place of residence first.

This is really happening.  And probably faster than we think.



tommysmommy said...

we're praying out here, too! Can't wait to follow the journey. I'll pray peace & clarity for you and Adam, but mostly that God will prepare Nathan and Miss Michelle. That their hearts will be filled with love, that they will love their new sibling before themselves and then on down the fruits of the spirit with a new sibling in mind. So excited!!

Clara Jane said...

I love hearing about how God is stirring your hearts and prompting you to trust Him for direction. So amazing! We are praying for you all and looking forward to following you on this journey. God will be going before you and walking with you. Yay!

Persicke Family said...

This makes my heart happy! I know that feeling, and I struggle with similar questions (as posed by Adam). We love that God has you on this journey. It will be a wild ride, but someday you will look back and realize you can't imagine your life any differently! God is SO good!

Chelsea said...

The LORD works in mysterious ways!