Tuesday, November 22, 2011

target run

Today I am thankful that I went to Target to buy some last minute Thanksgiving day items just to get to the register and find my wallet was not in my purse.  I walked back through the store and put each item where I got it before abandoning the cart and leaving.

Today I am thankful that after I drove home totally annoyed at a wasted trip in the rain I found my wallet on the floor of the Volvo while I was getting Babydoll out of the car.  I could have done without the silent car ride home from my two kids in the back seat and then the words of "Now you are happy, Mommy!" when I found my wallet once parked in the garage.  Do my circumstances make me happy/mad or is my joy found in the Lord?

Today I am thankful that because we kind of went hog wild crazy (with a budget) buying stuff for the house after moving in that I didn't spend the money at Target.  Who really needs 5-cup Salad or cranberries in the stuffing anyway?  The day will go on without them.

Today I am thankful that while I was making dinner My Love walked in the front door with a large bag that was left on the front porch.  It was full of presents for the kids from our realtor (a kind of "thanks for the business and congrats on the new house" gesture) and a Target gift card.

Today I am thankful for a God who knows all things.  Even details as small as providing more than enough to complete our Thanksgiving dinner menu.  I only wish my heart would have been ready and willing to say thank you while living in each disappointing moment today.  More missed opportunities.  I am choosing to say thank you now Lord.



Persicke Family said...

we choose how to respond in the moment, and sometimes we do not always choose the God-honoring response in that moment. But how it must please His heart when we do finally learn from our sinful mistake and glorify Him in Thankfulness. I believe He honors that! What a gracious and loving God we serve!

Chelsea said...

And yet you STILL gave thanks. I know it gets hard, especially when God uses our kids to be a sort of "vocal Holy Spirit" (at least that's what my kids are for :)).

God still blesses His children. When Jesus healed the lepers and they all went to the temple to prove they were healed only one came back....CAME BACK and thanked Jesus. THAT was when He forgave His sins. Sometimes God blesses us and He just wants us to come back and tell Him thank you.

Food for thought.

Loving and missing you this Thanksgiving.

Chanel said...

I love you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.