Friday, November 11, 2011

a new journey

Have you seen the movie Gattaca?  It stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman and is a futuristic/sci-fi.  In the movie, doctors take a blood sample of each baby at birth and are able to determine length of life, cause of death, future health problems, and intelligence level.  Their whole life is told to them from the start.  Nothing is a surprise.

I am thankful that God didn't design us that way.  Our Creator knows before we take our first breath all that we will do and be.  But by his grace and our faith in his will, He slowly reveals his plan to us as we seek Him.  How thankful I am that my future life was not told to me in great detail from the start.  Perhaps I would have been like Ethan's character and wanted it all to be different.  I would have been incapable of seeing the reason for the journey and how the road was paved just for me.  God sees it all.  

So we start a new journey.  One that was completely concealed from us before this week.  And for that I am thankful and yet equally overwhelmed when I look at the life He wrote for me and the notes he left along the way.  Yes, I am certain if I had known what I know now I probably would have said, "No thanks, Lord!"  But we walk forward in prayer trusting that nothing is a surprise to Him.

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