Friday, October 26, 2012

treatment for seizures

Babydoll's pediatric neurologist called us back today.  In the nick of time really because as of tomorrow, My Love is officially off of active duty and therefore unable to use the services at Walter Reed any longer.  Thankfully Dr. M told us we could continue to call him for medical advice on her case (apparently that is our right) even though he could no longer treat her.  He is such a great doctor.  I am so thankful that she was seen and was able to get some of the big stuff taken care of (ie. EEG and MRI) with military coverage.  The neurologist gave us a 90 day low dose prescription to treat the mild seizure disorder that he has diagnosed her with.  We of course asked what the risks might be if we didn't treat them at all considering she is mostly in our care and she could potentially grow out of them.  We have decided to treat her with medication after we consult with a local pediatrician as things get ironed out with My Love's new employment benefits.  If after a year on the treatment, she has had no seizures it is very likely she will grow out of them.  That is of course our prayer.  Thank you for following this journey with our Babydoll.  We are thankful daily for her good health and sweet spirit.

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Chanel said...

Thanks for the update. Glad he got back to you before Friday! Praying her new doctor is just as great.