Monday, October 22, 2012

6 in 8

Yesterday we were sitting next to our old-new friends in church when 204 flashed across the screen.  We had just finished praying for a woman who was being sent to Israel with missions and were now continuing to sing in worship.  I leaned toward My Love and said, "That's her number," before climbing on the seats to get past the visiting couple from our California days who were now house hunting in our area.  I ran to the toddler nursery thinking our Babydoll had had another seizure but was greeted instead with vomit on the floor before entering into her Sunday School class.  "Where is she?" I asked.  "In the bathroom," someone answered amidst the chaos.  The missionary who was just on stage in the sanctuary was now in the hallway cleaning up my daughter's barf. 

Babydoll's sweet teacher (who was covered in toddler puke) was in the bathroom across the hall holding my daughter's hair back as she silently spit out her oatmeal breakfast into the toilet bowl.  Poor girl didn't even cry.  I returned to the service to tell My Love it was time to take her home.  I didn't even know what we should do about the lunch guests who were planning to follow us home.  I had set the alarm for 4am to get the crock pot minestrone going. 

Our pastor's wife M followed My Love and me out of the room.  She assumed Babydoll had had another seizure.  I was so touched by her awareness and care as we hustled Babydoll out of the building.  The color was draining from Babydoll's face.  My Love went to retrieve Brother and M got some plastic bags.  One for Babydoll's clothes and one to catch vomit during the car ride home.  Thankfully it wasn't needed.

Babydoll went straight to bed and fell asleep quickly once home.  That is when we knew she was really sick.  She usually tries to fight resting even if she doesn't feel well.  This illness was for real. 

Our old-new friends came to lunch anyway (we were so glad they chose to) and I even had time since we got home early to wash the sink full of dishes that I had left without guilt before leaving for church.  Lunch went great and we loved reconnecting with some faces from our past who God had replanted right where we are in this world.  Funny how He continues to give us a second chance with would-be friends.  We have so much in common.

Babydoll woke from her after church nap just before our guests were getting ready to leave.  She seemed like her spunky self.  About an hour later we found Babydoll on her bathroom floor having slipped in her own diarrhea while vomitting on her teal circular bath mat.  Poor girl.

A couple of hours after that when I left Babydoll in good hands with her Daddy to help a friend in a time of need, it happened.  Babydoll had seizure #6 in 8 months.  No fever present.  This one looked different though.  My Love was nearby but distracted and only noticed what was happening after any possible convulsions.  She was lying on the couch in a weird position with eyes staring off and rolling with drool coming from her mouth.  I guess I made the bold "illness without seizure" praise too soon on Facebook.  But we choose to be thankful God even when none of this seems to make sense.

We put a call into her neurologist this morning.  We hope to hear back in a few days.  Since My Love's military medical benefits end on Friday, I am hopeful the Dr. checks his messages before the end of the week.  Not exactly needing her to be seen by him just hoping he can give us some medical advice about what (if anything) we should do next in Babydoll's care.  Seizures have been present with illness and without.  Seizures have been present with fever and without.  Keep praying for our little girl.

Thankfully the stomach bug has passed and no one else is showing signs of symptons yet.  But as my friend J pointed out to me over a year ago, we can even be thankful for vomit.  God is always good. 

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Praying for Babydoll!