Wednesday, October 17, 2012

colors are changing

Life has been busy.  Our second round of fall visitors has ended and we are gearing up for ten more days home together as a family.  That is right, people.  After already 9 1/2 weeks of terminal leave, My Love will be returning to full time work again soon.  It makes me laugh now to think back to how worried I was about this season approaching.  "He might mess up our routine and stress me out," was one of my biggest concerns.  Yes, there is no way I could have known the journey God was preparing to walk us through but I am so thankful for the memories we have been able to make and the relationship we have worked on rebuilding.  God is good all the time.  I don't want this chapter to end.

The weather has been gorgeous here and we marvel at the changing colors on the trees as we draw closer to a change in our own family season.  We will likely never get such a large chunk of time again so we are trying to cherish every day left.  We spent some of it site seeing with visiting relatives and some of it doing projects around the house/property.  He has been always around for the last 67 days and it might take some getting used to to return to long work days and living for the weekend.  But alas it can't stay "summer" for ever.  It is time to move forward trusting and knowing that God has a plan for our future and we are blessed to follow him in obedience.

If you are in the camp that is praying for My Love during this time of transition, thank you.  There have been some more work related disappointments that have kept him on his toes.  Please pray that God gives him peace in the unknowns (that are out of his control) and that My Love would be quick to say "Yes, LORD!" when/if doors start to close. 

I hope to get back to writing again soon after I get through mounds of overflowing laundry baskets.  I packed away the Bundles' summer clothes and poor Brother didn't have any clean pants to wear this morning.  Pajamas all day it is!

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