Thursday, September 29, 2011

what a difference a day makes

Yesterday after I published the post about change, I went about my day with little thought of what could happen.  OK...well maybe some thought.  But in truth, I just have too much going on.  "I'll think about it again when I have time in November," I thought.  Or maybe when news becomes more concrete.

I am thankful I didn't spend a whole day obsessing about the "what ifs" because by day's end more change came in the nothing-is-changing kind of way.

Yesterday morning, My Love told me that the same people that had realized the importance of keeping him in his new job instead of moving him into a high profile exec position (on the roller coaster ride that happened two months ago) were now suggesting he go on a 15-month long unaccompanied remote tour starting this summer in Turkey.  Hahahaha.  Seriously Lord?  My Love got a phone call returned from our friend who now lives in Germany again (hence the 6am phone ringing) yesterday morning answering questions about his family's positive experience living there.

The questions going through our minds were many.  Does My Love go alone and the family stay here in this house we are about to buy?  Do we all go with him on our own dollar with no military services for family members and few Americans in the area so we can be together?  If a future remote tour is a guarantee with his current employer, is this the time and place to take it when the location is desirable?  Is this the time to move into the civilian sector and accept a job locally that was pretty much offered at the same time this all came down?  Why is the same leadership that fought to keep him in his job months ago now so willing to change their minds about the plans they just made for the next few years of his career?  If he does end up going, what comes next when he returns stateside?


By the end of the day meetings were had without My Love present and once again he is staying right where he is for the next year or two.

Wasn't that a fun ride?

We can't help but think this has more to do with how we have been praying the past six months about My Love's future career direction and less about God wanting to take us on a roller coaster ride to remind us he is the Boss.  We know and trust him as our Shepherd.  The reminder doesn't seem necessary.  But perhaps he is guiding us down another path that might lead us to a more permanent stay in this area.  This was the first time a job was put on the table and the thought of "getting out" became a real (but difficult) possibility (for the day).

Who knows?  Pray with us.  Ultimately God does know and we are willing and able to follow him wherever he leads us.

Have a good day.  15 days until closing...


Chelsea said...

Love your abilty to sound rock solid! Love your willigness to bear your heart!

God is good and knows what is best for your family; here and now and future!

May blessings be poured upon your house with praises abounding. Love you.

AuntieBee said...

Praying for you all. Love you abundantly!!

Persicke Family said...

I love this story and I love your heart in it all! Not only is God faithful in allowing the perfect plan, He is so very faithful giving you everything you need for the roller coaster ride!
Love you!

tommysmommy said...

what a ride!! i love jen's comment about giving you what you need for a ride. it's so cool to have been following all this and to see how all the little things have happened so that you'd be prepared for the next step. excited to continue reading about the journey God has you all on. keep your eyes on Him!! we'll keep the prayers up on this end