Friday, September 23, 2011

boy next door

Just a quick note.  It has been a long 24 hours and I have no idea what the next will bring.  Bundle Brother was up with the scariest hacking cough that he has ever had.  Labored breathing and choking up mucus.  Poor guy was completely out of it.  I was up every two hours sitting with him on the edge of our house guest's bath tub wrapped in the shower curtain taking in the steam of the rushing water.  I remembered doing this with him a few years ago when he had croup.  He covers more of the length of my body when he sits on my lap now.

Today I was hit with what he has and have been dragging most of the day.  Although I am thankful the kids are healthy (Brother is still coughing but has normal energy), I do wish they wanted to nap all day like I do.  We did have a late afternoon quiet hour in addition to nap which helped.

I am writing here though to share that as I sit here annoyed that I have had to work every sick day of my life (I even tried to go to school sick as a kid) and My Love isn't going to be home until late, God has been busy working.

My Love got off of work a little early and went down to see the house progress.  Closing date is set for 14 October now with a walk through on the 10th.  His intent was to check out all that they have done in the last few weeks and then head over to the local Lowes to put in the order for our blinds.  How can I possibly be annoyed with a guy who works hard at his job every day to the glory of God and then drives further south at the end of a long week to do more work at our house to serve his family?  I love that guy.  I know he would rather be home.  Anyway, just as the ibuprofen was starting to kick in (because I can tell you right now the generic sudafed wasn't doing anything for me), My Love called to give me an update.  I was not in the mood for a long explanation and the kids were asking to eat.  I listened quietly anyway and then a bit of unexpected news came through the phone.  While at our new place, My Love walked next door to our neighbor's house (who just moved in too) and introduced himself.  The family has four boys (ages 4-16).  The youngest came to the door and asked My Love if our son could come play with him.  His mom described him as being very similar to Bundle Boy.  Praise God!  Had my head and face and body not been aching, I might have cried.  One of my biggest worries about this transition has been for our son.  That he would adjust well to the move and that we could get him plugged in with kids in the neighborhood quickly.  God did us even better.  He planted a boy his age right next door.  Have I said I feel blessed yet?  Well I do.  Even though I have been up all night and all I want to do is crawl into bed as my day job has still not ended.  God's grace like rain is falling all over me today.  And what do you is still raining outside too.

Thank you for your prayers.  Keep praying.


Molly said...

Now I understand the paid sick leave comment you made... hope everyone is starting to feel better. I'm excited for N and his future friends next door... four boys watch out M;)

Mom RS said...

I'm praying for you, your health, your patience, and protection from any more kinds of illnesses. I am also praying for a GOOD night sleep for everyone and that everyone will awake healthy and happy.

Persicke Family said...

God always knows our needs and meets them in His perfect way!