Tuesday, September 20, 2011

counted on one hand

Life is hitting us with a dose of reality right now.  We sat through an emotional service on Sunday as our Senior Pastor announced that they were starting their own time of transition.  I realized in that moment that the number of Sundays left before we move can be counted on one hand.  How does time slip by so quickly?

If I hadn't run out of tape I would have been packing more boxes this morning but perhaps a day off is in order.  In a week and a half we will be vacationing in Tennessee with the in-laws and will then return home to crunch time.  My Love and I stayed up for awhile last night talking about moving day logistics.  Right now we are praying that our closing date remains accurate and that we will have plenty of time to get settled and cleaned out of our rental home before friends come into town from three far away states for the marathon.  My Love is taking a week off of work to get some work done around the property (ie. blinds installed, washer and dryer delivered, maybe get fence built, blah...blah...blah).  I am excited to get our stuff put into their permanent places and begin making this new house our home.  One thing at a time though.

Only two families have come through to view our current property for rent.  The boxes are starting to take over the aesthetic view of the space.  It is hard to admit that we will no longer be hosting friends here in this house.  I am getting that anxious feeling about wanting to connect with everyone we know and love at least one more time while we live this close.  I am not sure how that is going to happen.  Perhaps some will be willing to come down to our new home once we are settled.  We are thankful that many of our close relationships here will be able to maintained.  God is good.

On another note, it has become clear that God is preparing us to find a new fellowship in our new community.  We are praying for that person or family that already has a need in another church that God wants to meet with what he has blessed us with.  It makes the very act of relocating more difficult though--knowing that this season with this Body of Christ is coming to an end.

We are eager to be where God wants us to be but it doesn't make the leaving any easier.  Pray for us.  He will continue to be faithful and lead us.  We are trusting the sound of our Shepherd's voice as we follow him into unseen green pastures.


The Howe Family said...

I thought this post was coming - continuing to pray for you as you search for a new church home. <3
Where in TN will you be vacationing?!? My guess would be somewhere in the beautiful Smokies. :) What a gorgeous time to travel. You'll catch the trees all aflame with color.

Persicke Family said...

I love you and I love this post! The wonderful thing is that God has already gone ahead of you! He has the PERFECT place for fellowship filled with people who will be blessed by you and bless you! God is SO very faithful!