Wednesday, September 28, 2011

change is good

I came downstairs this morning and emptied the dishwasher first thing so I could load the rinsed dishes in the sink from last night.  My Love was out on a run and was expected back soon.  I talked with KB for a few minutes about all the logistical changes going on for us in the weeks to come.  I grabbed my first cup of coffee and then sat down to open up my God Calling devotional.  It wasn't long and My Love came in the door walking through some knee pain after putting in 12 miles before work.  We chatted a little as he poured himself a cold drink.  His work phone rang on the kitchen counter.  Weird.  It was 6am.  My Love pushed the phone away from his face after a few sentences and then told me he was going outside to take a work call.  OK. 

I hopped online to quickly let our church family know that CS's water had broken and was expecting Baby L sometime today.  God is good.  Several minutes later My Love came back inside and I asked him what that was about.  He filled his cold drink and then came in to the family room to sit on the couch (at a distance because he knows how much I love the smell of his sweat drenched running shirt.  What?  Too much?  Sorry.  I just want you feel like you were here with me in the moment.).  He started telling me about his call with a friend of ours who lives in a different time zone and I started laughing.  Isn't it so like God to remind us that he is the One in control?  Are we serious about wanting to be wherever God wants us to be?  I laughed some more.  And yet complete peace in even more unknowns which are of course knowns to God.

We have been praying for several months about God's plan for My Love's career future.  His timing is perfect.  We just aren't always aware of what He is planning while we are busy planning something else.

One thing we know for sure.  If more changes come it does not negate what we know God has called us to do in this next chapter.  It just may not have as many pages in it as the chapter we are closing.  More changes on the horizon for our family.  We are praying that our Shepherd would continue to lead us to wherever he can best use us for his glory.

After a few thought-provoking questions for another pending career decision, we prayed together and then My Love went upstairs to wash off the funk get ready for work.

I opened up my God Calling again and reread the words for today from a different perspective.  Enjoy!

"Much that you both must accept in life is not to be accepted as being necessary for you personally, but accepted, as I accepted it, to set an example, to share in the sufferings and difficulties of mankind.  In this "to share" means "to save."...Beloved, you are called to save and share in a very special way....But, dreary as that Path must look to those who view it only from afar, it has tender lights and restful shades that no other walk in life can give."

Amen!  God bless your day as he already is ours.

UPDATE: OK, I realize now that perhaps this quoted passage might confuse you more than is necessary.  My take away was that my life is not my own.  God can use it however he wants.  He has called me to share this journey here and if the only gain is that others are drawn closer to Christ then the bumpy road we are riding is completely worth it.  No "dreary paths" coming that we are aware of.  Change is good.  Some might see it as chaos from afar but we are reminded that we are firmly in God's hands and it is a sweet and restful place to be.  Is that better, Mom?


Mom RS said...


AML said...

Hahaha. Breathe Mom. That is all I can share right now. When decisions are actually made more will be revealed. Everything is on schedule with the house. Any changes will affect us next year. We are in the AF after all. Any thing can happen at any time.

Chelsea said...

I'm excited/scared/nervous for you! I hope that all turns out wonderful/planned/directed. (Just trying to cover the bases).

BTW, when I come home from a run I wipe my sweaty face all over J's arms. He did the same to me for months of the gym and paypack is so much fun!!!

Mom RS said...

Oh, I know. I was driving home and I pictured in my mind how capable you are and how you are so ready to accept any direction the Lord has for your family. That is an exciting way to live. Full of expectations every day. I believe it is when we are being stretched that God uses us the most. And, the blessings of peace and contentment is the result of such a life. So, with a contented heart, I am along side you in prayer. Have a blessed vacation.