Friday, June 3, 2011

a thrill of joy

Last night my Love picked up my copy of One Thousand Gifts and read the first chapter aloud.  

This morning, I opened up God Calling and read this...  It was a good reminder of the joy that comes from a grateful heart even if you don't always feel like saying thank you.  Enjoy!

"Praise is the acknowledgment of that which I have sent you.  Few men would send a further gift of payment until they had received the acknowledgment of the previous one.  So praise, acknowledging, as it does, that My gift and blessing leaves the way open for Me to shower yet more on the thankful heart.

"Learn as a child learns to say "Thank you" as a courtesy, with perhaps no real sense of gratitude at all.  Do this until at last a thrill of joy, of thankful awe, will accompany the spoken word."

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AuntieBee said...

Thank you for posting this Lexi. I read this the other day but I cannot post comments at times from my phone. So i'm posting today,
THANK YOU for posting this! It was the encouragement I needed for that day! Love you