Tuesday, June 28, 2011

in the AF

Tonight it just occurred to me that he is we are in the Air Force.  Is that strange?  I mean, we have lived this life for nine years now.  We have moved houses three times, overseas and on both coasts.  Every transition has seemed natural and easy.  No stress involved just excitement about the next chapter.  

We have been spoiled though.  We have been given great assignments in ideal locations.  We have stayed at our first two bases for over three years each.  Life has been an adventure and we have enjoyed the process of moving around and meeting new people.  But the reality is, we are he is in the Air Force.  Decisions are made for us.  Changes could happen at any time.  To an extent, my Love can see what might be around the next corner of his career but nothing is certain.  Plans can always be interrupted.

Our landlord called today.  He inquired about signing a new year lease.  We are less than 60 days from our current contract expiration.

No official decision has been made yet but a plan seems to be falling into place, natural and easy.  The reality is the decision we make today could be changed for us in a year or two.  There will be short term assignments and deployments down the road.  He is in the Air Force.  This is our life.  A life the Lord wrote for us.  And even though we both feel strongly that their is not a clear "right" answer in this particular situation, we do know the Lord will be with us wherever we go.  And maybe that is the answer.  The Air Force might make plans for us, but our Father directs our paths. 


The Howe Family said...

Absolutely right, my friend! Continuing to lift your family in prayer. <3

Persicke Family said...

I hear such a peace in your voice Alexis. I have been praying. Sometimes the hardest decisions are when there is no one right answer. That gives us the opportnity to trust the Lord all the more.