Tuesday, June 7, 2011

new job start

Thank you for your prayers this week as we adjust to my Love's new job location.  Today was his first full day at the office.  The morning started early for us (before 6am), but we still managed to start our day together praying and reading God's word (with a cup of coffee in hand).  Praise God!  

My Love was out the door before the kids woke up.  His drive went smooth and was a brisk 50-minute commute one way.  So thank you for your prayers.  We feel them.  It has been nice to have my parents here to keep us busy as we transition into this new life.  My Love will be off Thursday and Friday so he can join in on Adventures with PopBob and Grammie.  

Keep the prayers coming.  It feels strange to realize he is so far away from home.  I am eager to share more about all God is teaching me through this process when the time is right.

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The Howe Family said...

And this answers the question I just asked on FB. :) Keeping the prayers coming! :)