Saturday, June 4, 2011

divine patience

A funny thing happens when you seek the Lord.  I mean really seek Him.  Not just ask for a neon sign from the heavens (which He could do).  But sit in communion with Him.  Pray, listen, read His Word, fellowship with other believers.  A funny thing happens.  He answers you.  And maybe not in the way you might think.  Maybe not in the words you are expecting to hear.  He is poised and ready to speak to you in a still small voice if only you would sit still (and quiet) enough to hear it.

Every day that I open God Calling, I am blessed.  There is always a truth or nugget I can think upon and most days it is quite timely.

And then there are days like today when I open up the journal to read the entry written for June 4 and I lose my breath.  Every line, every word, every thought penned like it was chosen just for me to read on this day during this chapter of my life.  It feels like a direct conversation with God.  I post the devotion here for myself.  I know I will share more about all that God is doing in a few months, but it just doesn't seem appropriate to publish the process right here.  I don't want to forget though.  I want to remember that on this day, God spoke directly to my heart.  He knew my thoughts.  He knew my struggles.  He knew my desires.  And I heard his voice.  Enjoy!  

"Molding, My children, means cutting and chiseling.  It means sacrifice of the personal and to conform to type.  It is not only My work but yours.

The swift recognition of the selfish in your desires and motives, actions, words and thoughts, and the instant appeal to Me for help to eradicate that.

It is a work that requires cooperation--Mine and yours.  It is a work that brings much sense of failure and discouragement too, at times, because, as the word proceeds, you see more and more clearly all that yet remains to be done.  

Shortcomings you had hardly recognized or at least for which you had had no sense of sorrow, now cause you trouble and dismay.

Courage.  That is in itself a sign of progress.

As you see the slow progress upward made by you, in spite of your longing and struggle, you will gain a divine patience with others whose imperfections trouble you.

So on and up.  Forward.  Patience--Perseverance--Struggle.  Remember that I am beside you, your Captain and your Helper.  So tender, so patient, so strong.

Yes, we cooperate and as I share your troubles, failures, difficulties, heartaches, so, as My friends, you share My patience, and My strength--beloved."

I have no idea how that entry could possibly apply to anyone else on this June 4, 2011 (my sister Justine's 26th birthday), but it spoke right to my soul.

Thank you Lord for seeing me, for knowing my heart, and for answering my prayers.


AuntieBee said...

God works in so many ways! I haven't been keeping up on my God Calling book but today i did open it up, and I too was blessed by it. Our lives are very different, but as we have learned in our study together, God shows each of us what we need to see in His word, that which applies to us personally. I'm so happy to hear you were blessed by this as well.
I love you so much sister. i miss you already!

Chanel said...

This is so magnificent! Truly!
Praying for you and with you.
I'm thankful for this blog and your obedience to share. I always feel lifted up and encouraged. (even when I don't have the time to leave a comment) And even the many miles between us seem to come together when I get a glimpse into your days.
Loving you