Sunday, April 10, 2011

think of others

As a Mom of a three year old son there have been many opportunities to actively-parent lately.  With the development of N's ability to communicate and understand instruction, parenting has moved beyond "No, no" and "That's dangerous!"  The words my Love and I say daily to direct our son in the way he should go are purposeful.  Sometimes we say crazy stuff like..."Squishing hurts people!"  I mean, of course it does.  But more often these days, we hear ourselves say things to Bundle Boy that are actually instructions the Lord has for us.  I can't tell you how many times I tell N to let others go first through a door.  We have a rule that when friends are over, he has to let them choose what they want to play with.  They are his guest.  We point out opportunities for him to help Babydoll (if she gets stuck standing somewhere or can't reach a toy).  We ask him to put his own shoes away in his basket by the door when entering the house.  Don't make unnecessary work for others.  "Think of others," we teach.  If he sees a need that he is capable of doing (ie. a piece of trash on the kitchen floor), we want him to do it.  Don't just sit back and expect someone else will.  

Think of others.  Help others.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Let others go before you.  Don't just think of yourself.

Yes Lord, I hear you speaking to him me loud and clear in my own voice.

More to come...

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