Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm doing a book study with my sister currently.  We meet once a week via Skype and discuss two chapters at a time.  I can't even tell you how deeply blessed I have been by this experience.  Not only have I grown in my relationship with my youngest sister (who I haven't lived with in 15 years) but God has taught me so much about who He is through this particular book.

In my opinion LORD, I Want to Know You by Kay Arthur should be required reading for all Christians.  Or at least a book that covers the same topic.  We have been studying the names of God and I have been overwhelmed yet again.  

Early in our study, my sister J shared something she had heard in a sermon at her church.  It is hard to replay third person, so just hang in there.  But I think it went some thing like...when people wrote letters back in the day, they would write their name at the start of the letter so the reader would know who the letter was from.  After seeing the writer's name, they could then think about everything they knew that person to be.  They could read it with them in mind and in their voice.  

Of course!  Isn't that what we do automatically?  We open a card and immediately scan to the bottom of the text to learn who it is from before reading their words.  It gives us a frame of reference behind what is being said.

Well, the more I learn the names of God the more I feel like I know him better.  Is it possible I have been so busy having a shallow relationship with my Lord?  I weep at the idea.  I thought I really knew Him.  Maybe I just knew what I wanted Him to be.

Just this week I have been reminded about who I now KNOW my God to be.  I cling to my knowledge of his character.  I read his words in a whole new and different way.  I read it with Him in mind and in His voice.  

Stories I have read numerous times now breathe life into me.  I know the writer deeper now.  And no matter where this life takes me, not matter the trials, I can rest in who God says He is.

Check it out.

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