Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have come to observe that all people have a passion.  Some thing that seems sewn into the fiber of their being.  It takes little to no effort because the desire to fulfill that passion comes naturally.  That is why often times individuals are highlighted in the news for doing heroic things (ie. leaving their lucrative medical practice and serving the poor and needy in all corners of the globe) and they have trouble accepting the compliment.  It is their passion.  They live to do it.

I have met many people throughout my adult life who vocalize their passion.  They feel so strongly about an issue and they can't understand why others (namely believers) don't feel the same way.  God has divinely designed them to use their passion for his glory.  It is amazing actually.

Of course, not all people give glory to God for what they are most passionate about.  Sometimes we see people who do one particular thing well and think, "Wow!  If they only knew Christ, they could do so much for his kingdom with that talent or gift!"

What is your passion?  What has God gifted you to do well or care deeply about for his kingdom?  Are you fulfilling that purpose for your life?  God is slowly revealing to me my purpose.  One that I can no longer ignore. 

It is time to get passionate, people.

"This is your life.  Are you who you want to be?" -Switchfoot

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